Taco Tico's History

Taco Tico's History

How we got started serving iconic Mexican food in Texarkana, TX

Taco Tico Inc. is a privately held franchise corporation based in Wichita, Kansas. Founded by Dan and Robin Foley in the early 1960s, Taco Tico is a unique network of independently franchised, quick-serve restaurants famous for high-quality Mexican food and first-rate service.

Since its founding, Taco Tico has met the test of time and competition. From our modest beginning, we have grown into a well-known regional company in the U.S. food industry's Mexican food segment. Our success is based on our drive to develop and maintain the highest ideals of team work and productivity in order to offer our customers the highest quality Mexican food, delivered with the best service possible.

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Jerry and Kim Gill used to love going to the original Taco Tico Texarkana, before it was shut down. In fact, that is where they had their first date back in the 80's. We were as upset as you were when we found out there would be no more flavorful Taco Tico food.

We didn’t let that stop us. Our energetic spirit led us to purchasing the Taco Tico franchise. Five years later, we’re able to bring our favorite fast food restaurant back to Texarkana, TX. We are so blessed to have this opportunity.

Come try our famous taco burgers, enchiladas and tacos at our Mexican fast food restaurant, and you will understand what makes Taco Tico so special.